The parental Adivisory EP has been leaked by user MIRALACONSIGAZ, its just a leak and has yet to be confirmed by Promises the rapper

Supposed tracklisting:

1-Shoutout to famous dex

"Thats the main line of the track so i think its called that", Said MIRALACONSIGAZ about this track

2-That bitch so heartless

"It samples Heartless by Kanye West, i dont know if thats the real name of it tho",Said MIRALACONSIGAZ about this track

3- Pulled up in a ghost

"I dont know why the fuck i called it that", said MIRALACONSIGAZ about this track

"This is the real title of the EP, because i knew his IP and invaded his PC while he slept and there was a folder titled "EP covers", but i dont know if those are even the real tracks ",Said MIRALACONSIGAZ

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